• Activated Natural Skin Care
    From Nature Activated Range of premium natural skin care products
  • Natural Product Bases
    100% Natural Bases- simple on the outside nothing but goodness on the inside! Choose from our ranges of skin care products and natural hair care.
  • Dr Wendy's Botanical Skin Care
    The original brand launched 2008 as NZ's first genuine 100% Botanical Skin Care.
  • Contract Manufacturing
    Private label and contract manufacturing services
  • Vouchers
    Choose from a discount voucher* or a gift voucher *See conditions of sale
  • Aromatic Adventures Education
    Home Study Programmes and information. Courses under development. Free information package on how to use essential safely in the homeavailable.
  • Professional Use Products
    We have a range of facial and body care products developed especially for professional therapist use. Please enquire for details
  • Clearance Items
    Production over runs, limited runs. Grab a bargain!