'Borrowing' ideas for home made products

If you love creating your own products, then it always good to have a look around and see what other companies are making, their aromas and ingredients. Of course I am not suggesting you copy them and try to claim them being the same and selling them. However if you read ingredients you can get some ideas for your creations. Always check for allergies and if you are using pure essential oils please note any possible allergies or cautions. This is an interesting discussion about the possible effects of regular bath bomb use of vaginal health.

One company which often as some intriguing combinations of products is LUSH.  I used to use quite  a lot of their products but sadly as many of them do contain synthetic fragrances which I am allergic to I just can't tolerate them too much.
Bath bombs can be quite drying on the skin unless some sort or moisturiser is added. Also the colours used can leave a mark on the bath.
I love making bath melts, with have the same effect of diffusing aromas, but also contain luscious butters so your skin is beautifully moisturised afterwards. No glitter -nothing kills romance more quickly than a glittery pink stain around the bath tub!

Bath Melt Recipe
Cocoa butter 25%
Coconut oil 10%
Shea butter 20% 
Carrier oil (e.g almond, jojoba, macademia) up to 45%
Essential oils/aromatics up to 2%
Rock salt, Raw cane sugar, petals up to 3%
Melt fats and oil together and when starting to coll (around 40 degrees Celsius add the essential oil.  Add petals to the bottom of your moulds and pour liquid on top. if using salts or sugars then pour oil mix first and when almost set add the salts, sugars to the top so they don't melt.  When set hard pop out the mould and store in an air tight jar by your bath.
use as desired!

Here are my inspirations. I use my massage bar recipe and pour into small chocolate moulds and pop 1 or 2 in the bath as it is running. My bubbles fix comes with the champagne!

If you like Lush Lord of Misrule try this combination : black pepper*, patchouli, vanilla and ylang ylang (lush use gardenia but this is synthetic- ylang ylang is more amorous!). Make up a 1.5% blend with your bath melt blend. Note black pepper is a dermal irritant and dose dependent so maximum 0.25% of your total essential oil mix as the warmth of the bath will increase its action. No one wants a night of romance looking like a cooked lobster! If you like Lush Sex Bomb try this combination-jasmine, ylang ylang, clary sage and myrhh essential oils. The original sex bomb uses synthetic musk which can smell a bit cloying at times. Clary sage essential oil is not recommended during pregnancy. If you can get cassie absolute then this can replace the myrhh. My personal favourite is the Frozen Bath Bomb which has neroli oil, rose oil and grapefruit oil. A euphoric combination!

If you wish to make your own bath bombs there are numerous you tubes and blogs with details on how to do this. I just never have the time to make them now and prefer my little bath melts which takes just moments to put together!

Posted: Sunday 7 May 2017