Coconut Oil-A Travel essential!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Coconut oil- the travel essential

This time last year I wrote about how you can create lots of beauty products using hotel amenities to help you out if you are caught short when travelling. Pretty much every little sachet has an alternative use as a face or body treat.
I would like to add a small pot of organic virgin coconut oil as the travel 'must have'. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature but of course if you are travelling in the tropics it will be liquid so a container with a tight seal is essential.
What can coconut oil do for you....

  • Body Moisturiser- a small amount applied after showering is the perfect all over body mosituriser especially if you have been out in the sun. You don't need to use too much as it can feel quite greasy. Adding a small amout to a hotel Moisturiser plumps up that product and makes it more hydrating
  • Face Moisturiser- maybe you forgot yours so a a small dab applied to the face and rubbed in will be a perfect replacement. If you don't want a greasy face gently apply a tissue to the face to  remove any excess
  • Facial cleanser- soften in your hands first and rub liberally over the face and remove with a warm facecloth or tissue to remove make up.
  • Hair conditioner- massage into your dry hair and leave for a few minutes and shampoo out.
  • Mix with sugar to make a body or foot scrub
  • Make an emergency toothpaste with a little salt and coconut oil. For a more permanent option there are some great ideas Here

So next time you are travelling and space is at a premium then pop in some coconut oil!

Posted: Sunday 7 May 2017