Introducing Dr. Wendy Maddocks -Founder and owner of From Nature

Welcome!  This page gives a small overview of my professional aromatic and natural products background which I have been involved in for over 20 years.  I have  been involved in many aspects of  health care, education, research and complementary health  and I am New Zealand’s only health professional who has a research doctorate exploring the use of specific complementary therapies in health care in a clinical setting. My innovative research into using essential oils in the management of radiation induced mucositis provided the background to developing the range of completely natural skin care. 
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I have published widely and presented internationally on several aspects of integrative health care, including massage, pain relief, peri operative care, dental care. Due to the development of industrial allergies to many of the chemicals used in health care, I developed my own natural products free of common allergens. From these original formations I went on to develop New Zealand’s only completely plant based range of skin care, using pure plant ingredients, many of which are grown in New Zealand. My previous company (MJ Health Ltd) was the recipient of the 2010 James and Wells Excellence in  Marketing Award, issued by Natural Products NZ.

When MJ Health Ltd launched in 2008, it was granted a NZTE enterprise development grant to explore export markets in Asia and The UK.  The first brand created was Dr. Wendy's 100% Botanical Skin Care which was launched in Hong Kong in 2008 at the presitgious Cosmprof trade show.  The brand has been exhibited at several trade shows both in Asia and the UK since then with great success. 

From 2014 the brand changed to From Nature Ltd, with the focus being the supply of bulk products and the development of products for other brands via contract manufacturing and private label. This continues to be the main business focus of From Nature. Wendy offers a range of competitive product and development packages which can be customised just for your needs. Separate to this is the ability for consumers to buy bulk natural skin care bases and some of the speciality products-relaunched in 2017 using very simple packaging and refined formual. This offers consumers cost effective choices without compromise!
Previous Industry Memberships & Awards
  • Natural Products New Zealand (Wendy has served 4 years as a board member until January 2016) and the company won the Excellence in Marketing Award in 2011
    • Janey Lee Grace Best Toner Award 2010 Balance Toner (UK)
  • Oh Natural! Highly Commended Replenish Toner 2013




Posted: Thursday 8 June 2017