Now arrived-solid conditioner bars!

I have been making and using solid hair condiioner bars for at least 10 years and find them especially good for travelling. The use of water and eceissive packaging has become quite prominant in recent years as consumers are more concerned about the environmental impact of their skin and hair care products.

Basically a solid conditioner bar consists of plant oils or butters which are mixed with a conditioning agent to both mosituriser the hair, reduce static charge and leave the hair untangled and shiny. The oils replace some of the natural oils which are stripped out through washing the hair.

From Nature solid conditioner is supplied in a 1 kg block which can be supplied slice or whole. Generally about 80 gm of the solid conditoner equates to about 1 litre of traditional conditiner so represents very good value.  We can also incorporate custom fragrancing at the time of manufacture (*additional costs for this). If you wish t customise your self the solid blocks are easy to melt using a double boiler (do not heat directly as this could 'burn' some of the oils giving a 'cooked fat' aroma which is not nice!. The solid condiitoner will start to melt at 60 degrees celscius and will be fully melted at around 70 degrees. Yiu can then add your fragrances or essential oils and repour into moulds. It is recommended that the conditoner sets for at least 48 hours before cutting to avoid it splitting or cracking with pressure.

The solid conditioner is so easy to use- slice or break off a small amount and wet through with warm water and make a slimy paste in the alm of your hand. Apply this through the hair in a dowward motion, spreading it down the hair shaft. it will not foam or feel like tradiitonal conditioner but be assured the effect is far superior! From Nature offers tow unscented options, one under the Elementals label and one with a higher percentage of organic ingredients  giving a richer product.

If neccessary wet the hair some more and spread the conditioner through. Of course if your hair is long then you will need a larger peice.

leave on the hair for a few minutes and rinse off with arm water. Over time you will find you will not need to wash or condtion your hair as much. Dueing our testing oahses we foudn that we could go an extra day or two between hair washes and sometiems even three days if no product had been used on the hair!

From Nature solid conditioner bars are free from any water based ingredients and do not contain any irritating presevatives. they are save for use on children and animals. Do still avoid getting into the eyes, however it will not harm the eye if does get in but it may sting slightly.


Posted: Tuesday 26 June 2018


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