Winter Foot Care

Winter Foot Care

Winter is the time the summer sandals and jandals get put away, the barefoot walks along the beach are a distant memory and the pretty toenails are hidden away. As we pull on thick socks, thick tights and winter boots it can be easy to forget that the skin on our feet still needs some love! I have recently taken up hiking and every weekend I head out for one or two differnt hearty hikes. I wear some wonderful bamboo hiking socks from BAM (UK) and invested in some fantastic vegan hiking shows from Wills vegan Shoes (UK). Looking after my feet is extra important to make sure I don't get blisters (which i havent so far apart from the first time when I wore trainers and sports socks).

Winter evenings when you are curled up on the sofa are the best time to treat your feet- give them a good rub down with a pedicure paddle or pumice stone. I usually do this outside in summer or over a paper towel or in the shower before the water runs. Afterwards slather on some foot cream and put on an old pari of socks and curl up on the sofa.

I have two new products just launched as part of the salon products for home use range. These products have been adapated from the original Dr wendy's salon products s they are suitable for home use. The first foot product is an Antiiseptic Foot Cream enriched wth castor oil and cocoa butter. Why castor oil? This is a very thick rich oil which actually sits on top of the skin (which is why it is often used in lip balms and lip stocks). It helps provide a mositurising barrier reducing trasnepidermal water loss. It is combined with ultra hydrating cocoa butter which also helps act as a hydration barrier. With these two ingredients I have added peppermint oil which is cooling and refreshing and beautiful kanuka oil from Estate Aromatics harvested and distilled in the South Island. Kanuka oil is fantastic for foot care as it has antifungal proeprties. Rub this generously into your feet or if if you can persuade someone to give you a foot massage then even better!

For a super in home spa experience nothing beats a chocolate foot masque!! Yes chocolate and no you can't eat it! Cocoa is known to have many properties and cocoa powder has a gentle exfoliant action as well as being an antioxidant. My chocolate foot masque is desgned to be applied to the feet thickly and left on. Cover each foot with an old sock and leave the cocoa enriched mask to do it stuff!. I have made it extra relaxing by the addition of gorgeous NZ grown lavender oil and sweet orange. The best accompanient to your chocolate orange foot masque is to curl up with your favourite TV programme and nibble orange chocolate!

A handy hint if you have run out of foot cream or when you are travelling, rub in conditioner to your feet as a moisturiser. It actually works on hard dry skin! I have even used my own solid conditioner bars as a foot moisturiser. It works really well straight after a bath or shower. For other travel skin care tips read my earlier blog post on the the topic.

Enjoy treating your feet over winter -they will thank you for it when summer times come. Keep warm and thanks for reading this blog- mention you have read it when you order and I will pop a free gift in!.


Posted: Saturday 25 May 2019


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