Foot Massage Routine

Foot Massage Routine

Nothing beats the feeling of a good foot massage and this professional sequence can be adapted to home application. Amazingly a foot massage can be beneficial even in very short times of only a few minutes per foot! The most importnat thing is to do the same thing to both feet so the receiver feels 'balanced'.


clean foot bowl of warm water max 40 C

2 small towels + 1 large towel, disposable spatula

optional 5 cotton balls + nail polish remover, foot file




3-4 mins per foot

  Soak both feet in a bowl of warm water and remove 1 foot and apply 5 ml scrub  (From Nature or Dr Wendy's Divine) to your hand and massage into the    foot and lower leg, pay extra attention to the heel. Place foot back in water and continue to massage off the scrub as it contains a gentle cleansing agent. Leave foot in the water and repeat on other feet

Remove from water and dry each foot and wrap one foot in pre warmed towel and begin massage on the other foot

5 mins per foot

 Apply3-5 mls of massage cream (Divine foot cream, Antispetic foot cream or massage cream) , and massage foot and lower leg paying attention to pressure points on the feet. Wrap foot back in warm towel and repeat on other foot. Use medium firm pressue on the soles of the feet and long gliding strokes with your palms up the lower leg and back down over the claf. Try not to lose contact with the skin.

Mobilise all joints by gently rotating both ways and bend foot forwards and back wards (like a ballerina toe)

When massage is finished apply a layer of chocolate foot cream and cover wih a small plastic bag and old sock and leave to saok in the feet.

1-2 mins

when finished wipe excess product off feet with a warm towel and make sure it is safe to walk

optional 10 mins

optional add nail polish or buff as required

Disclaimer: This information is provided for interest and home use only and is not meant to repalce advice froa. qulaified doctor, podiatrist, natural therapists or other professional. Please seek professioanl advice for people with diabetes, impaired peripheral nerves, allergies, broken skin and infections.

Posted: Saturday 29 June 2019


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