Atopic Skin (eczema + dermatitis)

Atopic Skin (eczema + dermatitis)

I suffered with ezcema most of my childhood and through to my adult life. At some times the skin would be come so raw and inflammed on my hands it would peel off. Even picking up a bag of grocieries woul cause my skin to break down. The condition flared up during my nursing days when I worked in crtical care and had to wear latex gloves and wash hands constantly. This horrible condition meant I had to give up a clinical nursing career but it took me onto a different and equally rewarding life path. I started to study natural products and allergies and started to make my own products which then evolved into my natural skin care business over the next 20 years. Luckily now I don't suffer as long as I take care of  what I put on my skin, protect it and avoid harsh cleansers.

Moisturisation is a key aspect of managing atopic skin as well as removing any irritants. A lot of people use a product called 'aqueous cream' as a soap substitute and mosituriser. This is a product based on parrafin. However some people prepfer not to use products made from petrochemcials or those that contain sodium lauryl sulphates for various reasons. I alays found that if my skin was broken aqueous cream seemed to sting it or make it worse.

I then developed a product for my own use based on coconut oil, glycerine and vegetable lanolin. Long before I was vegan I was also allergic to lanolin (and wool). Lanolin is also used in a lot of ezcema products as a base for some of the prescripton steroid creams.  My vegan plant based aqueous cream is based on the principles of the paraffin based products in that it is an emollient (adds moisture) as well as being a humectant (draws moisture to the skin) and provides a barrier (preventing transepidermal water loss or TEWL). It is unscented and is designed to be applied generously to affected areas of the skin. It can also be used on the face. I used to make this cream on request for family and friends and have now decided to add it to my stock products. It is perfect for all ages- babies, children, eldlery, diabetics, people having radiation treatment or other medical treatment which affects the skin physiology. Available in 375ml tubs

Posted: Thursday 8 August 2019


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