The buzz on balms

The buzz on balms

he Buzz on Facial Balms

The diveristy of skincare products can seem overhwelming. It can be hard to workout which is right for your skin type. I have become hooked on balms as my skin has aged. I always had dry and sensitive skin and had long believed in the value of night creams. Once I statred formulating though and looking for imgredients to have antaging and hydrating efects I became more drawn to balms. In a nutshell balms (whetehr for face or body) are very thick products made with a mix of waxes and butters. Some may also use emulsifers and water based ingredients. 

The balms here at From Nature are only made from oil/wax/butters and oil soluble additives. They are designed to both hydrate the skin by soaking in as well as providing a protective layer to minimise trasn epidermal water loss (TEWL). By avoiding water the balm is more stable and functional. Balms can feel greasy compared to a cream, however depending on the formulation this may be short lived. Generally balms are use don the face at night so tey have a whole night to absorb n to the skin and do their magic. I have been selling the Rosalux Facial Balm for a few years as a night product for dry, devitalised skin. In 2021 a few changes have been made to improve the formualtion and long term stability. It is pakced with some unique botanical ingredients added to a hydrating murumuru butter base. It contains rose wax, produced through the process of rose oil extraction. Rose wax is absolutely solid and provides a very potective layer. The balm also has NZ grown blackcurrant seed oil which is a vibrant green. It is packed with fat soluble vitamins of A and E along with an amazing essential fatty acod profile and phenolic comounds. 

  •  14.5% alpha-linolenic acid (18:3n3), 12.6% gamma-linolenic acid (18:3n6), 47.5% linoleic acid (18:2n6), and 2.7% stearidonic acid (18:4n3).Black currant seed oil has been shown to modulate membrane lipid composition and eicosanoid production (helps with inflammation).Internally it has an antioxidant effect which probably alos accurs with external application of the oil, so for skin exposed to pollution it is beneficial. May alos have posive effects of blood vessels so for skin with broken blood vessels, external black currant seed oil may aissist with the appearance of this.

Clients who use the rosalux balm have found it helpful for dry and matural skin. the balm is comlemented by the luscious aromas of pure rose extracst (absolute and concrete) which help relax the skin and mind. 

Over 2020 I started researching some other ingredients and playing around with vaious formulations to create a new facial balm I have called Quench and it is under The Sultress label. As I am now in my 50s I have noticed a few more changes in my skin and I felt I needed something a bit more activated at night. And so Quench was born- it is both richer (but not greasier) than the Rosalux balm and has some very unique plant based additives to boost up the benefical functions even further. The full list of ingredients is on the product page. Here I am highlighted a few key ones.

Prickly pear oil- sometimes called cactus oil.This super rich oil is high in antioxidants and anti inflammatory consituents which is perfect for stressed or ageing skin. This is complimented by tiger nut oil which is rich in fatty acids that are essential for the skin, like linoleic acid, which are known for hydrating the skin and protecting it from external stresses (maintaining the hydrolipidic film). The tocopherols, forms of vitamin E, found in Tigernut oil are mainly known for their anti-oxidant powers. The phytosterols in the oil are known for their regenerative, anti-oxidant, firming, and soothing properties. 

Rosehip oil has a long history of being used in skincare to soothe dmanaged skin. The oil used in Quench is from Patagonia, and is of the highest cold pressed quality, retaining all the essential fatty acds. Other special oils included are raspberry seed oil, marula oil, kakadu plum and abysssian oil. These all helps enrich the upper layers of the skin, sooth inlammation, minimsie effects of oxidation. The balm is cented with carbon dioxide extracted german chamomile and high santalol sandalwood oil are supported with the unique oil of chisne rice flower. These are all soothing and help the skin regenerate overnight.

so how to choose which is for you?

If you are looking mainly for hydration and have minimal signs of ageing then the Rosalux balm is best suited. If your skin is showing signs of ageing, some wrinkles,  sun damage or poluution samage then boost up your skincare with the Quench. For a limited time both products receive an Ultra Treat lip balm made with rose wax.

Remember all From Nature producst are 100% vegan, 100% natural 

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Posted: Sunday 24 January 2021


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