Lavender Farm Visit (Dec 2014 Archive

Seasons Greetings!
Here in NZ we are in the start of early summer and it really has not been a good start with cold weather, lots of wind and lots of rain! I met with Thomas Reisinger, owner at Lavender Impressions Lavender Farm in Manakau (Levin) today, 22/12/14. the day had been overcast with a light shower so gumboots were the order of the day as we walked around the fields! I had a visitor from Germany, Professor Bernhard Goebel, a soil scientist, who was very interested in seeing the organic lavender cultivations. the following are some snapshots of out visit. I hope you enjoy them. Hydrosols can be bought direct from the farm in 1 or 20 litre volumes  or Wendy sells in 1, 2 and 5 litre volumes. hydrosols purcahsed this way are the freshest and can last for up to 2 years. Lavender impressions selss oils from 10 ml upwards including bulk wholesale. 

Lavandin super _Lavandula intermedia (low camphor). These are about 6 weeks away from harvest- (approx 2/52 later than normal)

Row of Lavandula intermedia

Lavandula angustifolia in distance

Prof. Goebel (LEFT) looking closely and intermedia flowers- these plants have been attacked by a weevil and sadly after this harvest will be pulled out after 15 years of loyal production.

Weevil attacks stems of lavender- sucks out the sap and the flower never matures so yield is up to 20% lower

Sage in flower- used for dried herb production

Row of Lavandula angustifolia in flower- approx 2 weeks from harvest

Thomas (owner) and Wendy (aromatic adventures) check out the lavender

yummy blueberries straight off the plant

tasty boysenberry

lemon verbena almost ready for harvest in a week or so. The flowering tips are harvested and distilled, the leaves are dried for herbal teas.

How far the lemon verbena is cut for harvesting- see 2013 blog for details on harvest

Tuscan blue Rosmarinus officinalis- destined for dried herbs for herbal tinctures.

Manuka leptopsermum scopiarum in flower

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