Goodbye Sweet Osmanthus (Archive 2016)

So after 4 weeks of consecutive flowering of my osmanthus bushes, starting at one end of the line and working their way down (each bush flowering after the other one), I have harvested the last of the usable blossoms for a final distillation. With the previous experimental distillations I added a base aromatic to try and bind the fragrance together. this one I wanted to keep very light and fresh, in memory of the beautiful autumn we are experiencing in Palmerston North. So the hydrosol base was a commercial lemon verbena (which did not have the essential oil removed). In to the still went the osmanthus flowers and the last of the heavily fragrant lemon blossoms. I now have around 500 ml of lovely (slightly cloudy) light, citrus and floral hydrosol just for me to enjoy!vI hope you have enjoyed my osmanthus experimentations- hydro-distilling is such a lovely pastime and takes very little effort and even with only small amounts of aromatics you can create something quite bespoke.


I got my copper still from Alembics and Jill does wonderful workshops around New Zealand. For overseas people in the USA check out the work of Ann Harman.

Posted: Tuesday 4 January 2022