Relaunch of Professional Use (salon) Products

Relaunch of Professional Use (salon) Products

After a ten year break I am bringing back my popular professional use products, which have been reformulated. They all contain premium plant based ingredients and each includes NZ grown golden hempseed oil (which did not exist ten years ago!)

 This massage cream has been developed by Wendy, who taught massage and ran a massage clinic for over fifteen years. This has been designed for working on specific muscles which you need to hold and work on the muscle without sliding off (as can happen with oil). Contains organic NZ lavandin oil, organic sweet orange oil, West Coast Manuka oil and cellular extract of arnica.

This unscented masque contains NZ glacial clay in a cream base and can be used on the face or body. It is unscented, however to add essential oils remove what you need with a clean spatula (1-2 teaspoons for face) and add 3-4 drops of suitable essential oil. (check for allergies)

This chocolate foot masque looks good enough to eat and contains rich organic cocoa butter and organic Dutch cocoa powder. You may be wondering why chocolate? It has skin rejuvenating properties and this foot masque is designed to be used as part of a luxurious foot treatment. Apply to clean exfoliated feet and cover each foot with a plastic bag and then cover with a warm towel. your client can then sit back and relax or maybe recieve a hand massage which the foot masque soaks in. Allow at least ten minutes. Then massage any excess into the feet through the plastic bag and remove as much excess product as you remove the bag. Finally wipe feet down with a warm cloth. The feet will be slippery so take care with the client to put shoes back on.

The coconut sugar body scrub is unscented and has the wonderful caramel aroma of the natural coconut sugar and organic coconut oil. It can also be fragranced with essential oils as desired. This product is for the body (the grains are too harsh for the face).

This foot cream has been created specifically for podiatry use as it has cooling, hydrating and antispetic/antifungal properties. Massage into the feet after a treatment.

Posted: Saturday 6 January 2024