Summer is all about Foot Care

Summer is all about Foot Care

                       Extended pedicure routine Allow 30-40 mins with nail polish application



large clean flat bottom bowl of warm water max 40 C, pumice foot file


2 small towels + 1 large towel, disposable spatula, 2 plastic caps (disposable) or plastic bags, paper towels


optional 5 cotton balls + nail polish remover, foot file


Product needed

1. Coconut body scrub

2. Foot cream,

3. Chocolate foot masque



3-5 mins

Remove nail polish, trim, buff nails and remove cuticle as required

Buff heels with pumice/foot file if required

3-4 mins per foot

soak both feet in a bowl of warm water and remove 1 foot and apply 1 teaspoon coconut scrub to your hand and massage into the foot and lower leg, pay extra attention to the heel. Place foot back in water and continue to massage off the scrub as it contains a gentle cleansing agent. if necessary use a foot file for extra hard skin Leave foot in the water and repeat on other feet

Remove from water and dry each foot and wrap one foot in pre warmed towel

5 mins per foot

Apply 2-3 mls of either divine foot cream or relaxing massage cream and massage foot and lower leg using a mix of effleurage and petrissage (stroking and presure). Paying extra attention to pressure points on the feet. Take note of any varicose veins, skin lesions or inflammation. Wrap foot back in warm towel and repeat on other foot.

1-2 mins per foot

Apply 1/2-1 teaspoon chocolate foot masque over whole foot making sure heel and ankle is covered. Cover foot with plastic cap and wrap in a warm towel. Repeat with other foot

10 mins

Leave foot masque to hydrate the feet. Wash hands and perform a hand massage, shoulder massage or scalp massage as per client request

1-2 mins

Remove plastic cap on each foot, remove any excess masque while removing plastic bag. Finally remove any surplus with a paper towel with warm towel. Make sure client can put shoes on safely

optional 10 mins

optional add nail polish or buff as required

Posted: Sunday 7 January 2024