Using balm bases part 1

Using balm bases part 1

Balm bases are extremely versatile products and can be used in a number of products for the face or body. This post will focus on the body balm base udner the elementals range. This is a firm balm base which metls on contact with the skin.

It is solid at room temperature and is most suited to using on the face and bdy but not for lips.

Ways to use

1. Use as a massage balm- either use as it is and apply to the body and massage in. You can also add essential oils* in 1-2% dilutions according to your desired purpose. Relaxing oils include rose, lavender, sandalwood, sweet orange, rose geranium, jasmine. For a sports type aroma then try peppermint, manuka, rosemary. Uplifting aroms inlcude lemon, bergamot and lemon myrtle

2. As a natural deodorant base- mix in desired powders such as baking soda, allantoin, or clay to make a thick paste. I have put together a short video.

3. Other special oil soluble extracts and carrier oils can be mixed in to create a bespoke treatment product.

4. To make a massage bar add up to 20% additional hard butter or wax to make a very solid product. Essential oils can alos be added. 

I would love to hear how you have used the balm so post comments and photos here.

* Note please make sure the essential oils are not contraindicated. These are suggested oils only and not intended to replace professional or medical advice. 

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Posted: Saturday 10 April 2021


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