Lip Care Due to Wearing face Masks

Wearing of face masks is compulsory in many social and work situations and it is likley to be that way for a while. If you are like me, your lips start to dry out a lot underneath the mask. If you wear lipstick it stains the inside of the face mask, and may be hard to remove from washable masks.

The perfectway to hydrate the lips is to use the rosalux ultra treatlip balm, which has pure rose wax in. This is the natural plant waxes left over from the product of pure rose absolute. Rose wax is similar to beeswax in structure and it rock hard at room temperature. The rosalux balm has rose wax added, which helps prevent moisture loss from lips, effectivley sealing in the natural humectants and emollients in the balm. In addition the gorgeousrose oil smells incredible under the mask so helps keep you calm and feeling luxurious even though you may not feel it.

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Posted: Sunday 12 September 2021