Premade premium natural skin care with added activated pure plant ingredients for a powerful effect. In addition From Nature concentrates contain potent blends of actives for you to add to any of our bases or to your own products. The concentrates contain a unique blend of activated ingredients specific for certain skin types. Add the concentrates at between 1-5% of your base. DO NOT USE UNDILUTED. Ingredients included essential oils, precious carrier oils, activated botanical extracts.

All additives only sold in 50 ml amber dropper bottles

  • Activated  Soothing Facial Mist
    Soothing for all skin types- alcohol and fragrance free*. Contains hydrosol of lemon verbena, lemon geranium and lavender with aloe vera, sugar beet and elderberry and olive esters. 125 ml pump bottles
  • Activated ACE Serum Base
    Concentrated botanical serum-can be used 'as is' or diluted 60 ml pump
  • Activated Blend Concentrate
    A concentrated bled of essential oils, botanical actives and and specialist oils to be used as an additive. All skin types 50 ml dropper
  • Activated Cleansing  Concentrate
    Contains organic aloe vera gel, decyl glucoside, lavender extracts, olive extracts, sugar beet and elderberry. Add at 5-10 % to either a gel or lotion to make a cleanser ( 5-10ml to 95 ml of base) 50 ml dropper bottle
  • Activated Face Moisturiser Anti Ageing
    This product is very similar to the Dr Wendy's 'replenish' we made for over 10 years. >80% organic ingredients- Ultra hydrating. 125 ml pump bottle
  • Activated Face Moisturiser Clarifying
    For use on oily, sensitive or acne skin. Light and soothing with. 12ml plain pump bottle
  • Activated Preservative Blend
    A concentrated natural preservative blend which can be added to water based additives. 50 ml dropper bottle
  • Activated White Tea Cleansing Gel
    A salon quality high powered cleansing gel which removes heavy make without using harsh agents which strip the skin. Soothing and calming allowing the skin to be refreshed and clean ready for facial treatments or the application of your skin care products. Contains organic white tea (anti-ageing), carrot seed oil (high in vitamin A), olive esters (emollient), aloe vera, elderberry and sugar beet ( reduces redness, free radicals and inflammation) 125 ml pump bottle Contains premium organic ingredients 100% Plant based