For BULK WHOLESALE products (MOQ applies) please enquire

Coming in April 2019.

All products are 100% Vegan and 100% Natural ingredients.


  • Dr Wendy's Divine Body Scrub
    Name: Dr Wendy's Divine Body Scrub
    Description: 100% Botanical Skin Care A thick, hydrating body scrub with organic sugar. Original salon formula choose from 2 sizes
  • Name: Dr Wendy's Divine Foot Cream Extra Rich
    Description: A ultra rich foot balm for very dry feet. Original Salon Formula Available in 2 sizes
    NZ$ 89.00
  • Soothing Gel
    Name: Soothing Gel
    Description: 100% Botanical soothing gel for use after wax treatments. Alcohol free 1litre
    NZ$ 139.00
  • Professional Enquiry
    Name: Professional Enquiry
    Description: tell us what you are interested in finding out about!
  • Salon Cleansing Milk
    Name: Salon Cleansing Milk
    Description: 100% Botanical Cleansing Milk Enriched with soothing hempseed oil, betain and elderflower extracts. Perfect for salon treatments Lightly scented-can be customised. POA MOQ applies
    NZ$ 159.00
  • Salon Use Gommage
    Name: Salon Use Gommage
    Description: Organic zeolite based gommage for salon use.
    NZ$ 159.00