For BULK WHOLESALE products (MOQ applies) please enquire

Wendy introduced a range of solid hair care products in 2019 and now has a bespoke retail range of 100% vegan solid hair care. Retail size is 200gm cut into 4 blocks for each of use. Product is alos in 1kg uncut blocks via retail. We canl also sell in 5 kg wholesale or custome make differnt fragrances from 5gm (cut or uncut). Our bases are all fresh made on site using only plant derived ingredients.  Check out our blog for ways to use the bases. Wholesale enquiries welcome. Please note we no longer make liquid hair care products except in bulk (5kg)

All products are;

  • 100% Vegan
  • 100% Made on site by From Nature NZ

Choose from two ranges:

  • Elementals -contains pure plant based ingredients (unscented only unless 1 kg block orderd)
  • Premium- contains pure plant based ingredients including organic (scented and unscented)


  • Solid Conditioners
    Free from plastic, SLS, synthetic ingredients, preservative. Suits all hair types.
  • Solid Shampoo Bars
    Solid shampoo saves water and uses less packaging. All our solid shampoos are plastic and SLS free,