Product news: All base product now only sold in 1 kg volumes to retail customers. Effective May 20, 2018. 

These products are based on the range developed by Wendy in 2008 called Dr Wendy's 100% Botanical Skin Care. this range was exported to over 7 countries until ealry 2014. The name was changed to From nature and the range evolved to primarily a salon range sold under private label. However since 2016 a limited range of products has been re -released in simplied packaging. These are very similar to the Dr Wendy's with some minor adjustments according to ingredient supply. All products are 100% Vegan, Cruelty Free and contain >80% Botanical ingredients. 

As From Nature is primarlity a wholesale and contract manufacturier these products are only offered in 250 ml size with simpliefied packaging to keep costs reasonable for a retail customer.

There are also bulk salon use products available on request or we can make and package into your containers. Salon use products include  include serum, mask, cleanser, massage oil, foot cream and foot mask. Please enquire for details and pricing (MOQ applies)