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Wendy has  developed and delivered programmes relating to natural health and aromatics. Indeed she holds NZ's first research doctorate exploring the use of aromatics in health care. We have developed some home study packages both in aromatics and also homemade cosmetics.  In the mean time check out Wendy's blog Aromatic Adventures for some information aand ideas about aromatics. 

  • Aesthetic Aromatherapy
    Coming in 2019 a very special range of genuine perfume blends made from quality aromatic extracts blending according to principles of blending according to aromatic family.
  • 100% Hydrosol Blend
    Name: 100% Hydrosol Blend
    Description: Organic NZ grown blend of three hydrosols
  • Aromatic Health and Wellbeing Learning
    Name: Aromatic Health and Wellbeing Learning
    Description: Home based study programme- updated in 2018
    Code: AHWP
    NZ$ 59.00
  • Free Introductory Lesson
    Name: Free Introductory Lesson
    Description: A short information PDF on how to use aromatics safely in the home. Free with any order.
  • Rose Hydrosol-Turkish
    Name: Rose Hydrosol-Turkish
    Description: Imported directly from the farm in Turkey to us! The rose oil is left in the hydrosol Sold in 125ml Amber pump bottle Nothing added!
    NZ$ 25.00