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In 2008 Dr Wendy's 100% Botanical Skin Care was launched to an international market in Hong Kong. It was the first genuine plant based skin care range made in NZ from NZ grown ingredients. After a successful few years the brand was 'retired' in 2014 and formulation rights to the retail productssold to an off shore manufacturer.  After a rebranding to From Nature the salon range of prodycts continue to be sold to salons in NZ and Asia under various brands. Now in 2019 Wendy has decided to capture the best of the ethos of the original Dr Wendy's brand and combine with some amazing new antiageing ingreidnets, not available 10 years ago. These products are made in small bathces and only sold via this website. Whilst some of the key NZ grown ingredients are no longer available Wendy has globally soruced exciitng new actives derived from eitehr the plant or mineral worlds.  For commercial/wholesale and white label products please email here.

Available from February  2019!

The original ethos continutes of being 100% vegan, plant based and each product includes a NZ grown ingredient. There are a high % of organic ingredients in each product as well.

  • Anti Ageing Hydration Blend
    Name: Anti Ageing Hydration Blend
    Description: Contains over 20 highly active natural ingredients to help with skin changes related to menopause and ageing. Includes fruit acids to enhance the brightness of the skin. Home or salon size
    NZ$ 29.00
  • Normalising Moisturiser
    Name: Normalising Moisturiser
    Description: Very similar to the Dr Wendy's 'balance' moisturiser with some added ingredients. Suits most skin types.
    NZ$ 29.90
  • Soothing Cleanser
    Name: Soothing Cleanser
    Description: This creamy cleanser is suited for all skin types and contains very fine grains of vanilla beans to act as a mild exfoliant. Alpha hydroxy acids assist in skin renewal for a brighter, fresher complexion.
    NZ$ 39.00
  • Trial Set Anti Ageing Products
    Name: Trial Set Anti Ageing Products
    Description: Kit contains 4 products. Enough product to last 2-4 weeks with daily use.
    NZ$ 59.00
  • Dr Wendy's Divine Body Scrub
    Name: Dr Wendy's Divine Body Scrub
    Description: 100% Botanical Skin Care A thick, hydrating body scrub with organic sugar. Original salon formula choose from 2 sizes
  • Name: Dr Wendy's Divine Foot Cream Extra Rich
    Description: A ultra rich foot balm for very dry feet. Original Salon Formula Available in 2 sizes
    NZ$ 89.00