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From Nature Solid Shampoo bars are not soaps! They are carefully constructed foaming bars packed with natural plant derived ingredients to gently cleanse hair and help replace moisture. Some of our custmers find they dont need to use a conditioner after washing their hair with one of our bars.

From Nature has two ranges:

  • Elementals- 100% natural unscented product
  • Premium- contains at least 50% (w/v) organic grown ingredients and extra emollient ingredients. Aroma's created with pure natural essential oils
  • Elementals Solid Shampoo Bar (Fragrance Free)
    Name: Elementals Solid Shampoo Bar (Fragrance Free)
    Description: Suited to oily hair, inflamed scalps or children's hair
    NZ$ 22.00
  • Moisturising Shampoo (Solid)
    Name: Moisturising Shampoo (Solid)
    Description: A high foaming, concentrated solid shampoo bar with a delightful unisex aroma from pure essential oils
    NZ$ 99.99