Product news: All base product now availble is sizes from 200gm to retail customers. For larger volumes please ask for bulk pricing

At From Nature we are very proud of our premium and elementals range whch hav been deigned for the professional user. However due to high demand we have launched a few product bases offering the most cost effective bulk products we can make. As with anything there is compromise and these basics products do not contain organic oils or high functuon emuslification. Whilst all products are vegan (no animal ingredients) some ingrediens may not be considered completely natural due to chemical manipulation of raw materials. These prodycts are perfect for the home user who is wanting to customise them for personal use or for family and friends.

From Nature recommends any additives are striclty limited to a maximum of 2-3% of essential oils or plant butters or glycerine based extracts. Our basics range uses a coconut based 2 phased emuslification system which has limited stability if reheated or further water based ingrediens added.

  • Basic Body Butter base
    Name: Basic Body Butter base
    Description: A thick creamy body butter. Unscented 5 kg
    NZ$ 239.00
  • Basic Cleanser Base
    Name: Basic Cleanser Base
    Description: Unscented lotion cleanser 5kg
    NZ$ 129.00
  • Name: Basic Moisturiser Base
    Description: Use as a body or face cream. Light and moisturising 5kg only
    NZ$ 169.00