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Aestheitc Aromatherapy is all about blending pure aromatic plant extracts purely for pleasure. Our natural solid perfumes only use plant based aromatics such as essential oils, plant waxes, CO2 extracts, concretes or absolutes (solvent extracted), and  resins which are lovingly blended in small batches into a deodoraised shea butter and jojoba oil base. This melt on contact with the skin and allows the aromatics to diffuse into the top layers of the skin and release their fragrance. Solid perfumes are designed to be applied to pulse points such as wrists and forearms.

These solid perfumes are blended in two concetrations:-

  • Eau to Parfume concentration which means there is between 15-20% pure aromatics.
  • Eau de Toilette conctration which means there is between 5-15% pure aromatics

The 'blending triangle' principle is followed where approximately 15-20% is the top note (lighter and evaporates the fastest), 25-35% middle note which comes through the blend later and 50-60% base note which 'anchors' the blend and gives longevity to the blend.

  • Name: Rose Perfume Blend
    Description: 15gm of solid perfume containing a blend of rose absolute, rose concrete, rose wax blended with Australian desert rosewood in a shea butter base.