Natural Perfumes

Aesthetic Aromatherapy…this evocative expression is all about the hedonistic blending of aromatics purely for pleasure. As an experienced aromatherapist and formulator I have also studied the finer art and science of perfumery. In recent times most of this has been incorporated into skin care products for commercial clients and creating a base range of aromas to be used with a range of products. However now is the time to expand of this and offer a personalised perfumery blending service. This service is perfect if you want a truly bespoke blend just for you to use and may have incorporated into body care products or to wear as a perfume. I have a collection of over 300 precious plant aromatics to draw on and nothing can compare with the pure strength of natural aromatics. Check out the pre formulated blends as well!

  • The Sultress Parfum Naturale 'Citrus Mystic'
    Welcome to Citrus Mystic-the 1st Sultress perfume with vibrant citrus notes of fruit and leaves with middle notes of cardamom and base notes of high santalol Australian Sandalwood oil. The perfect summer fragrance! Available both as a solid perfume and spray Eau de perfume
  • The Sultress Parfum Naturale 'Oriental Hedonista'
    A combination of eastern luxury meeting Western decadence in this heavy, sexy blend with constituents to help slow the mind and soothe the heart. 15ml spray Eau de Parfum
  • The Sultress Parfum Naturale 'Pacific Dusk'
    A solid perfume balm or spray created from 100% Natural aromatic extracts in a luxurious base of shea butter, murumuru butter and lotus wax or pure grain ethanol 10gm/15ml
  • The Sultress Parfum Naturale 'Smoky Earth'
    A heavy, smoky parfum in a spray made from evocative and mediative aromas obtained from sumac, mitti vetivert (co distilled in earth) and frankincense CO2
  • The Sultress Parfum Naturale 'Summer Burst'
    A fresh crisp fragrance with a floral undertone. Available as a spray Eau de Parfum or solid parfum balm
  • Blend of earthy and forest moss aromas from plants. Blended in an ethanol base as some ingredients are very thick. This is a concentrated blend to dilute further for perfumery. 5ml bottle with glass dropper
  • Solid Perfume Base
    These bases are made from aromatic plant waxes and can be remelted for you to add your own blends to create a bespoke perfume.
  • Natural Perfume Consultancy
    Wendy will develop a truly customised personal blend for you or your products to create a signature blend which can be incorporated into a number of body care or home use products.
  • The Sultress Signature Parfum
    A heady, sweet blend of the most luxurious aromas