Bulk Skin Care Bases

There are three bulk unscented ranges to chose from- each has different features

Post Production Ingredient Addtives Recommended Maximum

Comments  Premium  Elementals  Basics
 Organic Ingredients  Yes No  No 
Vegan  Yes   Yes Yes 
Palm free Yes Yes Yes
 Natural 100%  100%   Not all
Maximum % additives 10%  5%  2% 
 Essential oils % Max. 5%  3%  2% 
Alcohol based tincture 3% 2% 0.5%
Glycerine based Max  5%  3%  1% 
Clays max 3% 2% Not recommended
Ground Exfoliants 5% 3% Not recommended
Extra Carrier oils 3% 2% 2%
Water based extracts 3% 1% 0.5%
Preservative Geogard Ultra Ecocert Microcare DB Ecocert Microcare DB ecocert
Emulsifier Olivem 1000 Ecocert Naturemulse Polywax 
Coconut Oil No Some Some

All bulk bases are made fresh to order (except sample packs.

There are two sample packs available to help you select the right moisturiser for you. This helps us to keep costs down and offer competitive prices on the bulk products.

Shelf life upt to 2 years unopened. once opened and things added shelf life up to 1 year depending on the additive and if any additional preservative used, as well as how handled.