Aromatic Adventures

From Nature Ltd are specialist is supplying natural skin care products and bases for a range of business and home needs.

Wendy has  developed and delivered programmes relating to natural health and aromatics since 1992. Indeed she holds NZ's first research doctorate exploring the use of aromatics in health care. Wendy have developed some home study packages both in aromatics and also homemade cosmetics.   check out Wendy's blog Aromatic Adventures for some information and ideas about aromatics where projects are posted every now and again.

Wendy is also available on a consultancy basis to develop aromatic formulae, act as a professional supervisor, reviewer or moderator.

 Check out The International Journal of Holistic Professional Aromatherapy for the last two articles published  by Wendy in 2019

Please note Wendy is not associated with any essential oil company, producer or retailer. From time to time recommendations are made based on the integrity of the producer and Wendy does this without financial gain.

  • Aromatics for Health and Wellbeing
    This package is based on over 20 years work by Wendy and her extensive teaching notes compiled into chapters. There are over 90,000 words to get you excited about aromatherapy.
  • Introductory Aromatics (free)
    Wendy has pu together an introductory lesson on aromatics similar to sessions provided to community groups.
  • Kitchen Cosmetics Home Study
    This is an updated chapter from the Aromatic Adventures and contains information and recipes to start you on your journey of making your own products
    NZ$ 16.99