Unscented Natural Product Bases

From Nature Ltd are specialist is supplying natural skin care products and bases for a range of business and home needs.

From Nature offers three different ranges of unscented base products to suit all needs and budgets. 

  • The Premium Range is based on the original bases developed by Wendy for her 100% Botanical skin care. All premium products are made from 100% organic plant based ingredients*. The premium products can have an extra 5-10% ingredients added post production (suitabe ingredients include essential oils, herbal tnctures, glycerine extracts, dried products, clays, exfoliants). if adding water based ingredients then extra preservative will need to be added. The final look and feel of a product may change depending on what else is added. (available in 375 ml, 750ml, and 3.8k
  • The Elementals Range has been developed to give a mid price point range of products based around coconout oil. The range includes the premium olive based emulisifer and can generall absorb up to 5% of added ingredients. 100% Vegan and 100% Natural
  • The Basics Range has been introduced in 2019 to give customers a very cost effective option for simple products. This range has a simple emulsification and preservation system and can accept up to 2% of aromatic extracts or dried herbal extracts. We do not recommend adding other ingredients to this range post production. (available in 750 ml and 3.8 kg)


*Water is not counted as an ingredient in organic certification.