Professional Skincare

From Nature Ltd are specialist is supplying natural skin care products and bases for a range of business and home needs.

The From Nature range of products began life more than 10 years ago under the label "Earth's Gift". Wendy developed the range to give customers more choice without compormising on principles. Now they have been reformulated and updated and offered for sale in simple packaging to suit both the home and professional user. All products are 100% vegan.

No petrochemical derivatives, no palm oil, no synthetic fragrances, no animal derived ingredients.

These salon style products have been adapted for home use.

Please see each product for full ingredient lists and details


Commonly asked questions

What is the difference between your Dr Wendys range and this range?

The Dr Wendy's salon prodcts are the original salon products which contain >80% organic ingredients and higher % of active ingredients. Most of hese products are only sold to qualified therapists who have an understanding of the ingredients and how to use them and are able to screen for any contraindications. The From Nature range has less organic ingredients and lower % of active ingredients making them safer for hme use, whilst still being effective.

Can I add anything to your salon products to customise them?

Wendy does not recommend adding anything to the From Nature Salon products. If you wanting to customise products please check out the base products or contact Wendy for other options

How do I use the products?

All products are supplied in plastic tubs with a screw top cap. These are available in 375 and 750 ml. Salon products are sold by volume. The tub makes them easy to use with a wooden or plastic spatula. Wendy does not recommend using fingers to remove product. The tubs are a sturdy construction to help protect the product. They can be washed through the dishwasher after use and reused many times. Clients have used them to store food items, cotton buds, cotton pads, lego bricks, home made yoghurt, nails and screws, dry pantry items. Please don't just throw out- if you truly cannot reuse then please put in your plastic recycling.

How can I tell what is in your products?

 Wendy is all about keeping costs down for you so the labels are generic to identify the product. Full ingredient disclosure is listed under each product according to NZ legislation where all ingredients must be listed using INCI nomenclature.