Consultancy Work

From Nature offers a range of finished and bulk products along with contract manufacturing, private label and consultancy options. 

Wendy has been involved in natural skin care manufacturing, aromatic education and professional support for over 20 years. Using her extensive experience Wendy can help you:

  • Develop formula
  • Prepare documentation for product registration
  • Provide mentoring
  • Assist with developing educational resources such as training manuals, production manuals
  • Research and development 

After an initial scoping discussion Wendy will provide a quote for you relating to the time it will take to complete the work.

Minimum initial consultancy chanrge out rate is for 3 hours of work

All travel  and production costs are in addition to the agreed hourly rate

  • Natural Perfume Consultancy
    Wendy will develop a truly customised personal blend for you or your products to create a signature blend which can be incorporated into a number of body care or home use products.
  • Starter Package
    3 hours of initial consultancy
  • Medium Consultancy Package
    Prepaid Package-[ay for 10 hours and receive 2 extra free