Contract Manufacturing

From Nature Ltd specialises in new product development and manufacturing natural products in small to medium runs. We offer different options for our customers whether you are just starting out with an idea or already have products and you need to hand the manufacturing over to some one else. Our customers come from all sorts of places and we have products which have been sold in seval countries around the Asia/Pacific, Europe and in NZ. Please contact Wendy for further information 

Why are test batches important?

When developing skincare products many small scale producers start out by making tiny batches of a few hundred grams, adding drops of this and that to get to the formula. While this is fne for home use products once you wish to sell it is vitally important your products are consistent from batch to batch. Most larger scale contract manufacturers product is batches of 100kg a time so it is very easy to get consistency. Most of the batches I make for clients are 5-10kg size which is generally ok for consistency, howeer even then there can be some minor variations between batches. I always recommend a 'test batch' is made if working off someone elses formula.  This really is the smallest practical size to get a feel of how the product feels, how ingredients behave etc. Upscaling is not just about increasing the volume of ingredients. In addition things like different mixers (high speed homogeniser vs. standard stick blender, temperature of different oils or ingredients, the order they are added to a formula all matter.Having a test batch made and added to your retail containers is the best way to do a final evaluation. Stability, visual appeal, ease of use are also tested. For example the size of the pump is important, what the product looks like in the container. One international  customer ordered 200 jars as a test batch and these were shipped around the world as the product needed to be acceptable in both hot and cold climates. One of the most variable ingredients when upscaling is the aroma. Many people measure their essential oils in drops in the home sized micro batches. However in larger batches oils will be added usually by weight, maybe by volumes. A drop is a highly variable measure and it is not practical to be counting out hundreds of drops.   This is why test batches are important.