For BULK WHOLESALE products (MOQ applies) please enquire

  • Natural Skin Care Products
    100% Natural, plant based vegan skincare products and unscented bases
  • Natural Hair Care
    100% Natural Hair Care - simple on the outside nothing but goodness on the inside! Available in bulk (1kg) only
  • Aromatic Adventures
    Aromatic products and home based study
  • Premium Salon Use Products
    We offer two ranges of Salon use products -From Nature Salon for home and salon use; and Dr Wendy's original range of professional use products. Also available for wholesale purchase.
  • Natural Skin Care Bases
    From Nature offers three ranges of natural skin care bases which can be used as is or you can customise to suit. Choose from 'Elementals' and 'Premium' products.
  • Other Products
    Here you'll find products for personal and household use which are made by Wendy - they are sold in bulk and are mostly natural.
  • Make Your Own Cosmetics
    Name: Make Your Own Cosmetics
    Description: Coming soon!! Home study course