Dr Wendy's White Tea Pre Treatment Cleansing Gel
100% Botanical Skin Care
Original Salon formula with anti ageing white tea
1 litre flagon with pump

100% plant based cleansing gel with a gentle foaming action for use as a pre treatment facial cleanser. Suits all skin types. 

New and improved formula


Aqua (Volcanic spring water), cocos nucifera (coconut oil), decyl glucoside, olive ester, organic aloe vera, xanthan gum, betain (sugar beet extract), cetyl alcohol, natural preservative

Hydration Blend

Lemon geranium hydrosol (distilled by From Nature), Pomegranate oil, rose oil, rose geranium oil

Anti acne Blend

Teatree hydrosol (NZ grown), South Island manuka and kanuka oil, fragonia oil (Agonis fragrans)

NZ$ 159.00 excluding GST
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