Manufacturing Starter Pack

Manufacturing Starter Pack
Formula review, trial product and consultation

This manufacturing package is perfect for when you have already developed formulae and perhaps have already been manufacturing your products at home in small production runs. Scaling up or having someone else manufacturer is an exciting step in your business. undergoing a review and testing your formula in larger volumes is crtical as you move forward. Wendy strongly recommends all trial runs are a minimum of 1 litre and ideally filled into your selected containers.

If full production commences within 3 months of inital trial From Nature Ltd will credit $100 off your first order

Please note this package is for the time invovled in this and does not include any ingredient costs which you can supply or we purchase and charge back to you at cost (surplus ingredients are yours to keep or for From Nature Ltd to use on your behalf)


  •  Review of formula, checking calculations, ingredient sourcing, quoting for production
  •  Manufacturing up to 6 products according to your formula using our equipment (ingredient cost additional). We can fill into your containers or we supply to you in a bulk container
  • up to 2 hours consultancy time to discuss products
  • Confidentiality agreement

Please note the following important points:

  • All formula to be supplied to From Nature in a spreadsheet format showing % and INCI naming/parts of plants/type of ingredient (e.g organic vs non organic,) and supplier if known. If this information is not supplied and invovles extra time to research From nature Ltd may charge for this additional time
  • From Nature Ltd requires any manufacture spec sheets for novel ingredients
  • You retain the rights to any formula supplied to us or modified by From Nature Ltd 


NZ$ 499.00 excluding GST
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