Product Development Package

Product Development Package
In depth development and initial production

This option is perfect if you already have some ideas or looking to adapt some existing products (ours or yours). This option is when you do not have a confirmed or finished formula. This package includes:

  •  Wendy scopes out your project and product ideas, provides advice of ingredients, types and suppliers, cost to manufacturer. 
  •  Formulations for up to four products are developed and tested with one revision of each product. Working samples of between  300-500ml.
  •  One further revision of each product is included- if more are required these are charged out at $129.00 + GST per product + ingredients
  •  Includes six hours consultation time pre and post production
  •  Ingredient research if required within the timeframe
  •  MSDS and INCI labeling for each product supplied for final revision
  •  From Nature Ltd retains rights to formula as per industry conventions. However if we are not making the product and it is going to be made by a 3rd party this needs to be agreed before development and there will be a formulation fee to allow the formula to be released to a 3rd party manufacturer. This fee will depend on the type of formula, production, documentation and information required by the manufacturer.  (guide range $450 +GST per product to release formula)
  •  Credit of $99 inc GST per product off first full production run if within three months of agreement (max $299 credited off first product run- please note this is not cumulative- the credit is only applied to the first full size production run regardless of how many types of products are made)
    • Additional Add Ons not included in the above:
      • Special consultancy rate of $65 +GST for ongoing support, review of labels, marketing advice, certification requirements, export advice etc
      • Further products can be developed at the same time for $149 +GST + ingredients per product
      • Product testing in house from $45 per product or external testing from $75 per product (e.g contamination, stability, efficacy testing at independent laboratory)
NZ$ 1,499.00 excluding GST
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