Anti-ageing Serum
A highly active serum packed with over 20 ingredients to support menopausal and mature skin which is losing elasticity.

The new Antiageing range has over 20 highly active ingredients in it designed speciifically for skin concerns of peri menopausal wormen. Each active ingredient has been carefully chosen for its unique action based on clinical (in vitro and human) studies. 

Active Ingredients

  • Orange stem cells (Citrus aurantium dulcis)- helps repair the extra cellualr matrix  and incrase skin elasticity
  • White lupins which stimualtes sythesisof type I collagen in the skin
  • Hydrolysed polypeptides (Pea protein, Soya protein, Rice protein)- upregulate HAS2 biomarker to increase hyaluronic acid synthesis in the skin, reduces age related skin pigmentation,. 
  • Date seed extract (Phoenix Dactylifera) (Date) -increases type 1 collagen production, reduces oxidative stress  and slows aging and improves appearance of expression wrinkle lines
  • Fungal micellium which improves skin thiickness, radiance and microcirculation by increasing the binding of hyaluronic acid thus maintaining skin mechanical stability
  • Soya phytoestrogen which is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, reduces lipid peroxidation, scavages free radicals from pollution and sun damage, helps smooth and firm the skin
  • Oilve extracts- (Hydrogenated Ethylhexyl Olivate & Hydrogenated Olive Oil Unsaponifiables) -plant based silicone alternative which gives smoothness to skin
  • Sugar beet extract (betain) reduces redness and inlammation
  • Elderberry extract-(sambus nigra) anti inflmmatory, antifungal, antioxidant to protect from free radicals
  • Peptides (acetyl hexapeptidet) to help reduce effects of pollutants, enhance skin appearance, toning and firming (synthetic)
  • Lippia citricdora (lemon verbena hydrosol and essential oil) toning, refreshing
  • Plant derived amino acids (glycine and proline) -help bulid and repair collagen, reverse oxidative stress, improves resistence to stress
  • Acacia Senegal gum tightnes and firms the skin, high in tryptophan which is part of essential skin building blocks
  • Poria cocos (mushroom) polysaccharides-antioxidant and skin soohing
  • Squalene-olive derived-soothing

Vegetal oils (emollient, soothing)

  • Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil-emollient
  • Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (coconut derived)-emollient
  • Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba oil)-similar to human serum
  • Avena sativa (oat kernel) oil-high in linoleic, oleic and palmitic acids- skin soothing, emollient and protective

Stabiising Ingredients

Xanthan gum, carrageenan gum, aqua, glycerine (non palm), gluconolactone & sodium benzoate, benzyl alcohol, aqua

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