Elementals Solid Shampoo Bar (Fragrance Free)
Suited to oily hair, inflamed scalps or children's hair

The solid shampoo bar is packed full of healing ingredients to help cleanse the hair and sooth any scalp irritation. It does not contain added fragrances however there is a slight fresh aroma from pure witch hazel and rosemary hydrosol which help soothe an irritated scalp. Soothing tamanu oil is superfatted increasing the soothing action of the shampoo. Ivory clay helps to reduce oiliness.


Coconut oil,  castor oil, tamanu oil (super fatted), olive oil, benhenyl alcohol, rosemary hydrosol (soothing and anti oil), ivory clay (which helps suppress excess oil), sodium hydroxide to saponify

NZ$ 22.00 excluding GST
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