From Nature Foot Cream
A hydrating cream packed with functional essential oils
Choose from Hot chocolate, relaxing or refreshing

This cream can be used as a foot massage treatment, as a body massage cream or as a foot mask.

As used by massage therapists, podiatrists and beauty therapists.

Supplied in 750ml tub (reusable)

Ingredients: 100% Natural and plant based.

Aqua, cocos nucifera (coconut oil),helianthese annus (sunflower) kernal oil, sorbitan olivate and cetearyl olivate (olive based emulisifer) plus specific ingredients below

Choose from:

  • Hot Chocolate with organic cocoa butter, cocoa powder, sweet orange oil, vanilla oil, ginger CO2 extract. This is a thicker cream than the others and perfect as a leave on product and covered with a plastic sock as part of a treatment. Cocoa is antixidant and the extra cocoa butter provides hydration
  • Relaxing with added shea butter, NZ grown lavender oil, organic sweet orange oil, Frankincense CO2 extract and lemon myrtle essential oil. A perfect accompiment to a relaxing foot massage
  • Refreshing-this is the lightest foot cream with uplifting essential oils of rosemary, south sland manuka oil, Ginger Co2 and lavandin oil. This cmbination is perfect to help care for foot infections atheletes with sore msucles, people with cold feet to increase circulation

NZ$ 95.00 excluding GST
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