Rosalux Premium Balm

Rosalux Premium Balm
A night treatment balm with rose wax and specialist oils. Imporved for 2021
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Improved formula for 2021 for an even smoother skin feel!

The Rosalux premium balm is a rich treatment for ageing, dehydrated, irritated or inflamed skin. It can be used as a night treatment or around the eyes and lips where there are signs of fine lines or wrinkles. For best results apply to clean warm skin in a thin layer and allow time to soak into the skin.  High is essential fatty acids.

Ingredients: 100% vegan, cruelty free, plant based and natural. Preservative Free.

Murumuru butter, baobob oil, Cannabis sativa (hempseed) oil*, Simmondsia chinensis ( jojoba oil) and esters, Ribes nigra (black currant) seed oil*,  olive extracts (wax, squalene), Rosa damascena extracts (rose oil, wax, concrete), Vitamin E


How does the balm differ from the oil and serum?

The Rosalux premium balm is free from preservatives and water which maks it a very stable product. It is firm at room temperature and softens on contact with the skin. It is rich in valuable fat soluble vitamins (vitamins A and E) as well as many essential fatty acids. The intense colour of the balm is because the oils are unrefined and not heat treated or bleached thus retaining the natural essential fatty acids. The shea butter, jojoba ester and  lemon wax provide a protective barrier to the skin, reducing transepidermal water loss, which is important for inflammed conditions.

As the balm is really concentrated a little goes a long way and to get the best effect Wendy recomends applying last thing at night so your skin can absorb all the nurients. Add a tiny amount to the top of your hands last thing at night as well so you can breathe in the soothing rose aroma and also provide some healing protection to work weary hands.

Should I use both a balm and the rose surge oil or serum

Generally you may alternatie or use the balm as a treat every few nights. the oil is light enough for day and night use. By applying the serum first then then balm you are doubling the antiageing effects as the barrier actionof teh balm helps lock in the active ingredients in the serum. Apply the serum to warm skin and let absorb then a few minutes cover with a layer of balm.

Help my balm has melted!

Thats ok- all fats melt at various temperaturesso if your balm has been left in a warm or sunny spot such as a window sill it may melt. This may cause the plant waxes to seperate out  and may form tiny white specks in the balm. This is Ok- to reset your balm pop in the fridge and store away from direct heat or light. The tiny white specks will melt when applied to the skin. As long as water doesn't get into the product it will not be contaminated.

Will my balm go off since it doesnt' have a preservative?

The naturally occuring Vitamin E present in the black currant and hempseed oil help protect the balm from rancidity. This occurs as fixed carrier oils oxidise and 'go off'. Every oil has a shelf life and the balm is no different. with careful storage away from heat and light the balm would last up to two years however Wendy recommends using within one year. it is hand made in small batches so you can be assured you are always buying fresh product.