Rosalux Premium Facial Polish

Rosalux Premium Facial Polish
Gorgeous vanilla grains combined with fruit acids to give a luxurious and gentle facial exfoliation
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 Rosalux Facial Polish.

Gentle exfoliation is one of the key home skincare routines to aid in skin renewal, giving a brighter and fresher complexion. When old skin cells have been removed (‘sloughed off’) it means that activated skin care products and moisturisers can get to their targeted skin layers more quickly. This means that your skin can appear firmer and tighter. 

The polish is applied weekly in small circular motion- if used with water there is a light foaming action. After use the skin feels soft, tighter and hydrated. Some brands talk about ‘Hero Ingredients’- and then back fill their formula with loads of other cheap or non natural ingredients to pad out the product. Here at From Nature every ingredient is a hero- it is there because of the function it has and we don't fill out with cheaper inactive ingredients. 

The Rosalux Facial Polish contains:

Jojoba beads (superfine) gentle exfoliant, organic coconut sugar (exfoliant), sugar beet extract (exfoliant with skin brightening), ground vanilla beans (exfoliant and restoring), bamboo (exfoliant), fruit acids ( skin renewal), oils of oat, cacay, rose, jojoba (hydrating), decyl glucoside (natural foaming).