Elementals Moisturiser Base Cream

Elementals Moisturiser Base Cream
Revised formula for 2020

Since its introduction in 2017 this base cream has been one of our most popular products. It is smooth without being heavy and suited for many products or as a simple body moisturiser for senstive or irritated skin.Reformulated in 2020*

Ingredients 100%Vegan* New fomrualtion for 2020

Volcanic spring water, Cocos nucifera (coconut oil), Butyspermum parkii (shea butter) natural coconut  based emulsifer (ECO cert approved) and dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol and sodium benzoate (natural preservatives)

NO Palm oil

NO petrochemical or synthetic derivatives

*100% Vegan this product has been revised in 2020 with a differnt emulisifer and preservative. if you prefer to purchase the original product please advise on your order. however there is a price differnece.

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