Premium Massage Oil (Unscented)

Premium Massage Oil (Unscented)
100% Organic carrier oils with natural vitamin E.
Use for face or body
1litre Jerry can
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50% off Unscented Natural Product Bases
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This premium 100% Organic massage oil has been designed for use as a body massage however it is also safe for facial use but may feel heavier on the face.

Body massage oils needs to have a mix of being slippery enough to allow hands to glide over the skin, whst have enough 'grip' to allow muscle work to happen without the hands sliding off. This massage oil base has been developed by Wendy based on her experience of years of teaching massage to practitioners and nurses. Vitamin E is added to help reduce the chance or the oils goinf ranic over time.

All massage is blended fresh to order and is presented in a 1 litre jerry can.

Essential oilscan be added at up to 2% for facial use and 5% forbody use.

Use 10-15 mls for a body massage.

Please note ude to the high % of organic jojoba oil this oil may go cloudy in the cold weather- this is a good thing as jojoba is a natural wax. Just warm slightly before use if this happens.

Ingredients 100% Organic Oils + Vitamin E

Helianthes annus (sunflower kernal) oil, Cannibus sativa (hempseed oil), Jojoba oil, Olea europa (olive oil), natural tocopheral