Head massage Oil

Head massage Oil
This oil can be rubbed through the hair as a hydrating massage as part of a treatment or can be used as a conditioning agent.
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This hair massage oil can be used as a conditioner or for hair and scalp massage. Contains nutritious avocado oil and argan oil which are known to be benefical for the hair. These are in a base of light coconut oil and triglycerides. Note this product may harden in very cold condtions and will liquify in the hand.

To use:

Massage in 5-10 ml into the hair and the scalp and if desired cover with a warm towel for a few minutes. Note do not use too much other wise the hair may become greasy.

Shampoo out with warm running water.

Essential oils can be added up to 2% for the hair (be careful if there is a risk of oil getting into the eyes when washing out).

Ingredients 95% Organic| 100% Vegan| 100% Natural 

Cocos nucifera (coconut oil)* Persea armeniaca (avocado) oil, Argan oil* and coconut triglycerides,*,