Solid Perfume Base (scented)

Solid Perfume Base (scented)
These bases can be remelted so you can your perfume concentrates or we can add for you for no extra charge.
Choose from three bases-rose, jasmine and tuberose
15gm glass pot

Solid perfume bases are the perfect way to have a natural perfume blend without preservatives. Solid perfuems are applied to pulse points and the usual perfume proportion is 5-10% of aroamtic extracts.

These perfume bases are made from a mix of aroamtic plant waxes, kokum butter, shea butter and organic sunlfower oil. The kokum butter and shea butter are refined so they do not alter the aroma of the blend. The floral waxes are created when precious floral extracts are extracted using solvents to create absolutes. the wax is the solid part left over from the process and contain a small % of volatile components in the wax and have wonderful properties for the skin.

These balms melt at body temperature to disperse the aromas.

Choose from:

  • Rose wax base (Turkish rose wax)
  • Tuberose wax base
  • Jasmine Wax base
  • Lotus flower wax
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