The Sultress Parfum Naturale 'Smoky Earth'

The Sultress Parfum Naturale 'Smoky Earth'
This is my deepest, smokiest and earthy parfum combine 13 different aromatics, including 4 different frankincense extracts, sumac and vervain with a soft note of hay to finish.

The Sultress Parfum Naturale 'Smoky Earth Eau de Parfum 

This is a woody, resinous blend of exotic aromatic plnat extracts giving a deepy earhty base note. Ingredients from India, Africa, England, France and Japan

Ingredients 100% Vegan and 100% Natural

Top Notes: Vervain Lippia citriodora (france) absolute, Zingiber officinalis (ginger EO), hay absolute

Middle Notes: Sumac EO, Hinoki EO, Massoia Bark, Tan EO

base Notes: Spikenard EO, Frakincense carteriii, serrata, and sacra (essential oils and CO2, Vetivert with Mitti (baked earth)

In a grain ethanol

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