Premium Gel with Aloe Vera + Hydrosols

Premium Gel with Aloe Vera + Hydrosols
A soothing thick aloe vera gel base made with NZ grown plant hydrosols
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Premium gel with hydrosol and Aloe vera

-made with organic hydrosols - choose from lavender, teatree, lemon myrtle*, lemon verbena*, rosemary*, rose geranium*, Made with soothing hydroxyethcellulose as gelling agent (more stable than xanthan), contains betain, organic aloe vera leaf extract, and olive based silicone for a smooth feel

 This gel has the stability to be made in to a home santitiser or used as a simple after sun or burn relief cream or after shave gel for example. Add some liquid castile soap and you have a nice hand wash. (50:50 dilution)

I do not make hand sanitiser -please see this link for the World Health Organisation (WHO) formula

Handwashing remains the most important way to limit the spread of viruses such as COVID 19.

100% Vegan | 100% Natural


Selected hydrosol (NZ grown), vegetal glycerine, aloe vera leaf extract (organic), methylcelluose gum,  betain (sugar beet extract), dehydroacetic acid and benzyl alcohol.

NOTE:  hydrosols marked * are distilled by From Nature to order