Elementals Range Starter Pack

Elementals Range Starter Pack
This is a mid price range of vegan skin care bases using our private label products.
NZ$ 1,499.00 excluding GST
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This Face Care package of customised bulk products is the perfect way to get your own natural skincare range off the ground. This is perfect if you want to supply family and friends, markets or to test the market. All product is made fresh for you and filled at time of manufacturer FOR FREE by us at From Nature  in your containers. This package  includes $2100 worth of products and services at a special reduced intial starter rate.  This range is created from the Elementals range which si a mid price point 100% vegan range. From Nature offers you

  1. Smaller initial volumes therefore lower initial outlay for you
  2. Customisation of aroma- stand out in the market *may incur extra charge if not in our range of aromas)
  3. No cost filling for intial package (saving over $400 +GST )
  4. Full product MSDS with label information, product specifications to make sure you comply with NZ regulations
  5. Includes 4 hours of consultancy (pay for two and receive four). Additional consutlancy charge out at a reduced rate of $65 +GST per hour
  6. Free aroma customisation from our approved options as below or pay a little extra and recieve premium options.
  7. Plus you receive a  50% discounted lab fee (saving $62.50 +GST) for your next two full size orders (MOQ applies)

All you need to do is supply us your containers.Please note this package is only for us filling product. If you would like product supplied in bulk then our usual bulk sizes and packaging applies.

Package includes:

  1. 3 kg of Elementals Base lotion or cream with a customisable aroma from our facerange (enough to fill approx 50 x 60 gm jars)
  2. 4 kg of Elementals  facial cleaners (lotion or gel) with customisable aroma from our face range (enough to fill approx 26 x 150ml pump bottles)
  3. 4 kg  Elementals Toner with customisable aroma from our face range (enough to fill approx 40 x 100ml pump bottles)
  4. 500 gm Elementals lip base with aroma filled into tubes or pots 
  5. 2 kg either face scrub or clay based face maske filled into your jar
  6. 500 gm Elementals Serum base with chosen aroma combination

Please note the following exclusions:

  • Does not include packaging or applying labels
  • Does not include adding ingredients not in our range
  • Does not include consultancy for new products
  • Does not include freight-cost will depend on type of packaging you select
  • This package is offered once to help you get your product off the ground. Futire commerical orders must meet MOQ of products ($550 +GST) and minimum volume.

Usual lab fee is $125 +GST for wholesale orders

We do not fill cosmetic tubes

Usual MOQ product size bulk is from 3.8 KG