Premium (Organic) Private Label Package

Premium (Organic) Private Label Package
All the product to set you up with a full retail or salon line
NZ$ 10,940.00
NZ$ 8,548.00 including GST
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This packages offers a complete range of premium products packaged in your own packaging ready for you to label and sell. Price includes filling of product but does not include cost of containers.

This is a popular option for beauty salons and stall holders who would like to have their own products but do not want to develop them from scracth.

Please note this package is private label using From Nature Ltd formulations. There is some scope to personalsie through adjusting aromas or some carrier oils, however if more complex variatiosns re required then this is not possible in this pacakge. 

The package includes the following

Product or Service

Usual Cost EX GST

Package Savings EX GST

Standard lab fee


1/2 price                                             $62.50

20 hours consultancy for the first 3 months 


6 hours free.                                                     $534.00

Premium Moisturiser Cream for face 6kg split into 2 x 3 kg  


1.2 kg free product 1/2 price filling                  $170.00

Premium Moisturiser lotion for face & body 6kg split into 2 x 3 kg 


1.2 kg free product. 1/2 price filling.                $170.00

Premium Sugar scrub for body  2 variations 5kg split into 2 


Free filling.                                                          $89.00

Cleansing Cream 6 kg split into 2 and 2 versions of face additives 


1/2 price filling  + 1kg free product                  $149.00

Premium Cleansing Gel with 1 version of additives 6kg 


1 kg free product + 1/2 price filling.                   $99.00

Premium serum 1.8 kg with premium anti ageing additive 


300gm free + 1/2 price filling.                            $199.00

Toner 10 kg split into 2 versions including selected additives 


2 kg free product + 1/2 price filling.                  $276.00 

Facial Scrub  4 kg cream based with additives  split into 2 x 2kg 


Free filling.                                                           $89.00

Facial Scrub gel based 4kg with additives 2 x 2kg


Free filling                                                            $89.00

Body Balm 6kg  3 versions x 2kg


Free filling + 500gm free                                        $154

documentation MSDS/labelling information



Freight Not included depends on weight of packaging



Full value of Package $9513 +GST

Package savings $2080


  • Freight
  • Retail consumer packaging (we can advise and support you to select the best pacakging
  • Label design, printing or application (we can advise and proof read labels before ordering to make sure you have the right information according to NZ law.