Moisturising Lotion (Coconut Free)

Moisturising Lotion (Coconut Free)
A light simple lotion based on apricot oil and glycerine
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NEW PRODUCT Vegan, free from parabens and coconut

This is a silkly, light lotion which is unscented and moistursing. It can be used as abody lotion or face lotion.

As part of the basics range it is 100% vegan, and is based on naturally derived ingredients.

This poduct can have up to 2% essential oils added to it how I do not recommend anymore modification unless it happens at time of manufacturer in bulk volumes where I can adjust the percentages.

This lotion offers an option for people who do not want to use coconut oil, and want a cream which is light.


Aqua, refined apricot oil, Cetearyl Alcohol and PEG 20 Stearate,  glycerine, natural preservative.