Aromatics for Health and Wellbeing

Aromatics for Health and Wellbeing
This package is based on over 20 years work by Wendy and her extensive teaching notes compiled into chapters. There are over 90,000 words to get you excited about aromatherapy.
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This home study package has been prepared by Dr Wendy Maddocks (Reg Nurse, Aromatherapist), who was one of the earliest teachers of Professional Aromatherapy in NZ in 1993. She completed her inital study in London with Eve Taylor in 1991 and completed further study in NZ, France and America. Wendy has attended two study retreats with Aroma Tours (1 to France and received tuition from Dr Penoel) and the other to Turkey to study the production of rose oil. Over a number of years Wendy was instrumental in setting up  professional training through a tertiary provider. She also completed the first clinical trial of aromatherapy in patient care in a hospital in NZ. Wendy has travelled widely and presented her research and teaching at various locations in NZ and around the world. Aromatic Adventures in on line private training package which Wendy offers and has been extensively rewritten and reformatted and updated for 2018.

Now in 2018 this extensive knowledge has been re invigorated and updated and collated into a home based study package consisting of research based content covereing over 60 essential oils, 20 carrier oils, history, recipes, home use considerations. Bonus content includes natural cosmetic making information and tried and true recipes.

Please note the following before you purchase:

  1. This package is provided as a PDF file only. Due to content and images the file is large (approx 4 MB). This file is emailed to you or can be sent via drop box. 
  2. The content is detailed (over 90,000 words) and represents a significant body of work and research by Wendy. It is supplied for your personal study only and is not be passed on to other people. If using the content please acknowledge Wendy as the author.
  3. This information does not quaifiy the particpant as an aromatherapist or to apply treatments to other people.
  4. There are two options with this package- the first is just the PDF only. The second provides a number of self test questions on each chapter for your personal review. There is also ongoing email contact with Wendy for 6 months after purchase to help your understanding. Please note ongoing email contact relates to the study package only.